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About Me

Hmmm... what would you like to know?


I LOVE things that are interesting! I love things that make me wonder and think and say 'Oh wow!' in my head. I also really love pizza with anchovies! And I don't like things that are borrrring!!!! Yawn! Nup. Life is too interesting to spend time thinking about things that are boring! Don't you agree?!

Over there are my two friends Morrie and Strings, who I'd love to introduce to you! They star in my picture book, Morrie and Strings and the Brekky-in-Bed Invention! Buy a copy and tell me what you think.

And if you want to know something else about me, here are some dot points (not long boring sentences!).

  • primary school teacher

  • live on the Gold Coast, Australia

  • edu-preneur (see

  • love the beach

  • have wild imagination

  • want to know more about history (only the interesting bits obviously!)

About me

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