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For any enquiries about school and library visits, or just to say hi, please email me at


School visits can be tailored to meet requests. Visits can include a reading of Morrie and Strings, answering questions, lessons on writing/publishing/getting ideas/self- publishing/innovating/design technology and creativity.


Parent seminars and meetings can also be tailored according to requests. 

Suggested topics include:

+Nurturing Literacy in young children

+Early Literacy and Numeracy for homeschoolers

+Books are a parent's GAMECHANGER

+Using the Blendten Kit to support early literacy and numeracy

+How to really read a picture book

+Tips for parents and educators as they support young children on their learning journeys.


Fees for school visits and speaking events- $120 +GST per hour with a minimum of 3hours.

QCT #846176 NESA #939222

School visit TESTIMONIAL

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